Winter is here although you wouldn’t realise it. Some days are bitterly cold and others are practically autumnal.

C has been asking when it would be winter, since her birthday (in the summer), she is desperate for snow….


Maths- colours

Never quite sure why colours falls unders maths..

Anyway an extrension to the Montessori colour tablets box 2 (11 pairs). The snowmen have the same colours as the tablets. They need to be matched, same colour scarf and hat to the corresponding colour tablet. The names of the colours are repeated and we played games such as:


Language- command cards leading to an improvised art activity

This was a fun one! C is getting quite good at reading her CVC words but is less interested at the moment because counting is her new found joy. To keep practicing the reading in a fun way, I decided to introduce CVC command cards (pink series). The first card she picked was ‘run’ which she read without even sounding it out, and then ran madly round the house (this is a sign of success!). The next card was ‘cut’. This one she did have to sound out. She immediately went to her table and cut a piece of paper into a thousand tiny pieces which went everywhere. Not exactly my plan.

A true Montessori child, she did get the dustpan and brush to clear op most of the ‘mess’ but I thought it was such a shame to waste all the bits. She really loves cutting, but not so much sticking. C is also enjoying drawing round things (metal inserts are next on the list).

After a quick think, I decided we could make a snowman using sticky back plastic. C drew around plates for the circles and cut them out. I put the sticky back plastic on and the snowman’s eyes, nose, mouth, scarf and buttons were put on before filling the snowman with all the little bits of white paper that C had cut up.

Science- making a snowglobe/lavalamp

I saw these on pinterest a decided we had to make one! C drew a picture of a snowman and I laminated it to go inside the snowglobe. C practiced her pouring skills by adding the water and the oil. We put in some glitter and that was it.

Something must have gone wrong, maybe adding the oil was a mistake (or we didn’t add enough?). The glitter also has a tendency to stick to the laminated snowman, but who cares? C finds it facinating and that’s all that matters.

If I did it again I would try it with coarser glitter, I think that might do the trick.


Social skills/ maths game- build a snowman

The classic beetle drive but now as build a snowman from Great fun and plenty of learning at the same time.

Social skills- taking turns, winning gracefully and coping with losing and dealing with the frustration when you can’t seem to throw a 6 to be able to start the game!

Maths- recognising the amounts on the dice (or counting them), recognising numbers.

I made a chart for C with the dice spots on it and the number and a picture of the snowman part.

To start the game you have to throw a 6 to get the body. You can’t add a hat or nose until you have the head so you need a 5 pretty quickly too.



Language- reading (sight words)

I found this cute emergent reader fromĀ which offers repitition of words that C already knows, ‘is’ and ‘a’ and one she’s started learning ‘this’ the other words are shown in the pictures so truth be told she looks at the picture and says what it is.

I copied the pictures out of the book and made word cards just so that she would make an attempt to read them and she uses the first letter to identify which word it is.

We used the sight words sentence starter ‘this is a…..’ with the CVC words box (pink series) and that worked well too.



Maths (again)- counting

I found these free snowman maths cards at a dab of glue will do. It uses the number, 10-frame, fingers, dice, dominoes and the number word. I took out the number words for C because she doesn’t need that yet. She really enjoyed matching up the cards. It was also fun to see that she can identify most of the dice configurations to 5, having practiced whilst playing the build-a-snowman game.