Valentine’s day toddler activities

I was looking for inspiration and my eye fell on the hearts blanket I made for my daughter. I found lots more heart shaped stuff around the house left over from the wedding and so we ended up doing Valentine’s day this year.

Here is a summary of the things we tried, some successful and others ready for next year.


Montessori trays


Heart sorting (from 18 months)

Materials: heart shaped buttons in various colours, cake cases in the same colours as the beads.

Objective: sort by colour

Cerys is a bit young for this one, she loves putting the beads in random cake cases (or ‘bowls’ as she calls them). She also lives filling them with other stuff and ‘cooking’ the buttons…..

Felt hearts (from 18 months)

Materials: different sized felt hearts (I have these from a kit to make and decorate a felt box)

Objective: notice difference in size, understand big-small, put in size order

Cardboard hearts (from 18 months)

Materials: pairs of different coloured cardboard (or laminated paper) hearts

Objective: to match the colours

Caring for the environment


Winter never really came so when I saw daffodil bulbs in the shop, I thought, why not?

To make if fit the theme (and because this happened to be the best fitting plant pot), we put the bulbs in the heart-covered plant pot and added an extra heart. We watered them every day and finally the flowers bloomed. Unfortunately the stems were very long and not strong enough to support the weight of the flowers….

Craft ideas


How to make a toddler sun-catcher heart

This was a really fun activity to do and really, really easy. We will definitely be doing this again with different shapes and ‘fillings’.

  1. Cut out a (heart) shape from thin card, I used a craft knife because I can’t cut neatly with scissors


  1. Stick a piece of sticky-back plastic over the opening. I then turned it over and put the paper back on so that I had it prepared in advance but it wouldn’t get bits of fluff on it

When ready to use it, pull of the protective layer of paper, leaving the sticky side up and let the child stick stuff on to it. I had heart shaped confetti left over from our wedding and sequins and tiny beads which I had bought with grand plans in mind and never used. Cerys enjoyed putting them on and taking them off again and putting them somewhere else. When she got bored with it I moved to the next step…

When the artwork is finished, take a second piece of sticky-back plastic and stick it on to keep all of the stuck-on stuff inside

You could cut around the shape again, leaving just a narrow frame. Stick it on the window.

Heart garland

I wanted to make a garland with hearts decorated in different ways, felt-pens, crayons, paint, stickers etc. Cerys loved the stickers so all the hearts got covered in stickers (and she learnt the word ‘stickers’ so she could tell me what she wanted to do).

It was fun to watch her discover that one side way sticky and that side needed to be on the paper for the sticker to stick.


Most of these are too advanced at the moment but ‘Pucker up Buttercup’ has feely bits on each page.

I love the Splat the cat book, so sweet. Next year….

The feely book was one I had forgotten about. Nice shiny bits on the pages and things to feel, super!

The finger puppet book, is one we borrowed from the library, such fun! The big bear gives hugs in the book because he loves the little bear.