Spring flowers project craft ideas:

Spring flowers project Montessori trays for toddlers:

What’s on the shelves?
Discovery basket: yellow all kinds of yellow things I had in the house.    
Duplo primo flowers Practicing stacking the blocks. The shaker insects add some colour.
Mini book: in the garden C loves books with pictures of real things, These baby books are super for building vocabulary.
The bunny posting box from the Easter bunny project is still here because it was still being used.
The song section Little Peter Rabbit from the Easter Bunny project is still a big hit so I just added a new song and left the old stuff in there too. I added the daffodil song by Johanne Levy.
Flower sorting by colour activity
Flower sorting (or for very young toddlers flower moving- good for the motor skills)
flowers, silicone cupcake cases in the same colours as the flowers
sort the flowers by colour

Flower garden sticking activity

We started sticking practice last week. I was intending to give C scraps of paper to stick and make a ‘flower’ garden but she showed no interest whatsoever. I exchanged the scraps for large pictures of flowers that I cut out of a magazine.

Later in the week, I put the scraps back on the tray. C found them and wanted to do some more sticking……..

Other spring flower project ideas:

duplo flower garden

We had a set of Easter window stickers which included flowers. I stuck strips of paper on the window as stems. Long, medsium and short stems. There were big, medium and small flowers. C enjoyed pulling the flowers off and sticking them back on. C always sticks the small flowers on the short stems. The medium and big flowers seem to be interchangeable.

bottle shaker filled with fabric flowers.

This is a roll-a-flower game.

each part of the flower has a different number on it 1-6, players roll the dice and construct a flower. The first person to complete a flower is the winner.

I thought it might be fun for C to put the flowers together (without the number and counting aspect) but she hated it! If I made a flower as an example, she would destroy it…….

This tray has a construction activity on it. All the parts of a daffodil:




are on the tray and there is a photocard showing a real daffodil.