C is only two, so still new to the concept of Sinterklaas. We set up her cupboard with Sinterklaas things including flashcards with vocabulary.

The first craft activity was to make a Piet. This one has a pink face because that is the colour C chose.

The Piet is made mainly from circles (more vocabulary!). A big circle (16cm) for the hat, a small circle for the face (12cm) and a tiny circle for the nose (1,5cm), Size vocabulary is also fun!

We used wobbly eyes because C loves them but you could also use more circles. The feather on the hat with the sticker jewel finish it off. I am still debating whether or not to offer her the option of putting soot(black finger paint) on the face, but I am worried that he will be completely covered, she LOVES finger paint (everywhere).