A story sack is all well and good but sometimes it’s hard to find a suitable book for the topic. I wanted to do something with colours as I noticed that I was repeating them a lot anyway. “Get the green ball……no, not the red ball, the green ball…..”

I decided to make a busy bag instead so I didn’t have to try and think of a suitable storybook. As it happened I found them later in our bookcase…


Contents of the busy bag(all in rainbow colours):

  • ribbons
  • lolly sticks
  • feathers
  • circles
  • fabric scraps in a wipes box
  • box covered in rainbow paper
  • ¬†stacking shapes

Using the busy bag

Ribbons- we used them for dancing with, we tied a knot in them and threw them in the air as ‘fireworks’ and all the while repeating the colours.

Fabric scraps- this is a motor skills task, trying to get them out of the box (and back in again).

Feathers- used for tickling!¬† We also threw them and watched them float down. They are the colours from the ‘sing a rainbow” song.


I had read somewhere about an activity posting lolly stick in a bottle. When I made this bag my daughter didn’t have the motor skills to get the lollysticks in anything so small. So I covered a box with rainbow paper and we posted them in there to start with.

The lollysticks can be used for colour sorting and matching and later for making rainbows.


This was one of my old baby toys! At the moment we use it to talk about the colours but later we can talk about the shapes, match the shapes and make the rainbow!

The circles have many uses.

  • Play games- jump on blue!
  • sort the other items by colour
  • count the circles

The books

Later I found books which went well with the theme and could be used to turn this busy bay into a story sack.

  • Counting colours Danika Palaci, Penny Worms and Kate Ward (In Dutch “Tel je mee? Kleuren)
  • Woezel en Pip kleuren

I like the counting colours book because it is filled with photos of real things which have different colours. I use this as my ‘information book’ because it has ‘real’ things in it. We aren’t ready for the counting yet but there are plenty of things to name and find.