When I am making a new story sack, I first look at the books my daughter chooses. She is very interested in animals. We live quite rurally so even on our street there is a variety (fields with cows, sheep, chickens and even goats and alpacas). She loves it when she’s read a story and we do the animal noises. She has just starting to copy the noises and make different noises for different animals……time for a new story sack to encourage this!

I found a nice story (in the bookcase) with moving bits and full of animal noises! Perfect! I had been to a secondhand book sale and found a information (board)book with photos of farm animals, so that was sorted! Then I looked around at the toys to see what would be suitable…..

The contents of the story sack:

  • the storybook ‘On the farm’ by Axel Scheffler
  • the information book ‘Farm’ by Anna Harrison (In Dutch ‘De boerderij’)
  • a jigsaw puzzle with farm animals
  • an animal piano


Using the story sack

I saw a jigsaw puzzle which makes the animal noises when you put the pieces in the correct place, very nice! Unfortunately, very pricey! Cerys isn’t into putting the piece back in, just taking them out anyway, so this normal jigsaw works just fine. I make the noises as she takes the pieces out and she joins in. She is starting to understand that the pieces go back in again, but she hasn’t the motor skills to put them back in.  I let her put the piece on the spot where it belongs and I push it in.

When you push the animals on the animal piano they make their sound. The the keys on the piano make the sound too. good for repetition. (Drives mama mad!)

Aside from making all the animal noises, we used the jigsaw pieces to match to the animals in the story and in the information book.

Of course we also sang ‘Old MacDonald had a farm’.