An Infographic of my experiences and learning from the National Education Exhibition (NOT), in The Netherlands. This is a biennial event at which the exhibitors can show new developments in education. They have new methods, textbooks, furniture, playground attributes, children’s literature etc. There are also free lectures and workshops and it’s always good fun.


Imagination grows with Hubelino.

Since 2008, Hubelino has inspired the tinkerers and thinkers of tomorrow.

Very, very cool stuff! I love DUPLO and these blocks can be attached to the DUPLO to make a marble run. Fantastic for stimulating creative thinking. There are funnels and slides, catapults and see-saws, I love it!

Podium voor onderwijs

This is a great group producing Dutch language resources on a variety of subjects. Their materials are for nursery through to high school. There are online materials, games, guest lectures, apps and ideas for excursions. A lot of the materials can be ordered for free!

I visited the stand and they gave me the fairytales, lesson box. It is full of marvellous ideas for a fairytale topic.

Acco Publishing

This stand had lots of very interesting books. These books would be excellent for reference.

Topics include: orthopedagogy, pedagogy, didactics and speech therapy.



Can’t make my mind up about this one…..

On the one hand the topics are nicely set out, plenty of variety and play-based activities. On the other hand I like to think that teachers are creative enough to come up with this stuff themselves………

I also worry about teachers just following the ‘book’.  Not allowing the children the space to express themselves and learn in their own way. Of course, it’s handy to have something to follow.  I would like to think that teachers are trained well enough to be able to observe the children and alter their teaching content to help each child reach their next level.

Het breinbureau

I went to a workshop given by Jan van der Zwan

It was about the way in which young children learn. He discussed the different parts of the brain- reptilian, mammal and thinking brain. Understanding the functions of the different parts of the brain and the development stages can help in teaching of  young children. I will write more on this interesting subject in a later post.