My daughter’s favourite book is Maisy’s tractor. Books with flaps and moving things are interesting, momentarily, but Maisy Mouse’s tractor (as we call it) is the only book I can read to her from start to finish! I decided to make my first ever story sack and this book was the obvious choice. I wanted to have a bit of everything in there and I think I managed it.  

The contents of the bag are:

  • the book ‘Maisy’s tractor’ by Lucy Cousins (In Dutch De tractor van Muis)
  • an information book about tractors
  • a crocheted maisy mouse with a squeaker in her nose (homemade)
  • duplo primo to make the tractor and other things from the story
  • 4 sensory sheep with different fillings (rice, wool, cellophane and macaroni)- homemade

The information book adds another dimension. Maisy does different things with her tractor in the story, ploughing, moving animals etc. and this books shows what real tractors can do and how they look different depending on their purpose.


We use the sensory sheep to play with. My daughter likes the fact that they make different sounds when she throws them on the floor, the noisy ones are best, they others are rejected! They all feel different too, which makes them interesting.

There are 4 sheep. In the story Maisy counts the sheep and finds one is missing! We count the sheep too….


Using the story sack contents to re-tell the story.

Maisy ploughs the field.

Now she takes the hay to the cows.

After milking the cows, she takes the milk churns back to the farm.

Maisy collects the sheep.

1…2…3…! Oh no! She forgot one!

Maisy goes back to get the last sheep…..time to go home!

What a busy day on the farm! Well done, Maisy Mouse!