This was a combination of two activities. The first was the colouring (or scribbling). Nice for the motor skills, pencil grip, aesthetics  etc. The second was the posting game, fitting the lolly sticks into the slots in the box.  
I used the flower shape from the shape puzzle to draw around. Montessori have a flower shape too but this is too big for what I wanted.
I drew several on the paper, knowing that C would just scribble over the lot!
Ta-da! Done, I let C use felt-tips which I don’t do very often. The packaging said it would wash out……. I now wrestle her into a painting apron before she begins, so it isn’t an independent activity anymore.
I cut the flower shapes out.
stuck them onto lolly sticks
and found a suitable box to use as the base.
I covered the box to make it look nicer.
  made the holes for the lolly sticks
and put it in the Easter basket, ready for use!