How to hatch an egg! A fun way to teach the chicken life-cycle to young children. We spent several days on this and the children rushed into the classroom each morning to see what had changed. Had the chicken laid her egg? Had the egg hatched? Was there a chick already?

Once upon a time, there was a chicken. She came to visit our classroom. For reasons of her own, she built a next in a box. (Maybe because the teacher could put her in a safe place away from interested little hands).

Chicken life-cycle

The chicken stayed all day and all night in the classroom and the next day……..

chicken and egg chicken life-cycle

She had laid an egg!

At this point we read the story ‘Hatch egg, hatch’ by Shen Roddie. Which is all about a hen who is trying to convince her egg to hatch. She knits it a blanket, she feeds it spaghetti, she plants it in the ground and waters it, but nothing helps! Finally, exhausted, she falls asleep on top of it…….

(This YouTube film is the story being read out by a child in Dutch)

This helped the chicken in the classroom to know what to do.

chicken cracked egg chicken life-cycle

The next day the egg started to crack! We checked regularly all day, but no chick came out.


chicken and chick chicken life-cycle

Finally, the next day the egg had hatched and there in the box-nest was the chicken with her chick.

The last day of the week the children had the opportunity to show what they had learnt using different learning styles and multiple intelligences. Some children re-told the ‘Hatch egg, hatch!’ story, some children drew pictures, others used the photos of the classroom chicken and put them in order and some children sang the chicken song….