When you are in yet another lockdown during the holiday season, it’s always fun to find new ways to celebrate.

We had a lot of fun doing these activities in between doing normal, relaxing holiday stuff.

I have sorted the activities by learning but fun was certainly the main objective!



Maths- counting

Seems like a heavy learning area to begin with but C is mad on counting at the moment. It took ages before she could recite the numbers in order to 10. What I soon realised was that she was counting amounts not just saying the numbers in order! As soon as I gave her amounts of things to count or got her to count her steps she was away! She is now trying to master counting to 20.

I give her opportunities to count as often as possible. I got out the box of Montessori bead bars, which she is really to young for, but she loves counting them and matching them. They are fantastic for children who are working beyond their age and have the mental abilities but not the motor skills that would be required for a worksheet.

Maths-number recognition

A countdown clock. I wrote the numbers on the clock in pencil and C stuck on the corresponding number stickers.

Threading on the pipecleaners and winding them around a pencil to make them curly was great for the hand-eye coordination and the motor skills.

We could have used it for telling the time but C is a bit young for that. She did like moving the hands and I used it to show what the hands looked like at lunchtime (it was 10.30 and she was already thinking about lunch!).

Art and motor skills- fireworks printing

This was such a simple yet effective art project.

Cutting the cardboard tube is great for the motor skills, not only could C practice her scissor skills but she was strengthening her muscles by having to cut through the thick cardboard.


Art and motor skills- sewing

Whilst I was in meetings C preferred to sit with me at the table rather than play by herself. I gave her some pipecleaners and bead to thread to keep her busy. She sorted the beads by colour and threaded them onto the corresponding colour pipecleaner.

After this she wanted to do sewing. I gave her some lacing cards to try out. They went well and so she wanted to do some ‘real’ sewing. She had a project in mind, her toy piglet needed a new outfit for New Year! That piglet has multiple outfits sewn (and crocheted) by mama, but I suppose a fashionable pig can never have too many clothes!

I took some felt, folded it double and cut a head hole. I then cut the rest in a rudimentary t-shirt shape. I made holes down the side with a hole punch. C chose some wool to use (glittery wool, of course) and as I couldn’t locate the blunt plastic needle, we taped the wool to a toothpick.

I tied the wool on and C sewed the sides together. When it was finished she decorated it with glittery stickers.

She was very pleased with the result and I’m sure that the piglet was delighted too!

Language- making resolutions

Explaining resolutions to a 3 year old can be tricky. I found these fabulous worksheets online which were very helpful.

In the first one we reviewed 2021 and talked about things we had done, using photos to help bring back memories. This will be wonderful to keep and is something I definitely want to do every year.

The wishing wand we used to talk about what we want to do in the coming year. ‘Learn to drive the car’ is one that I fear won’t be achieved just yet for C, but I suppose there’s nothing wrong with dreaming!

See grandma and grandpa is an inportant one. They live abroad and with things the way they are, that is certainly something we hope will be possible again soon.

Science- baking soda and vinegar fireworks

This never gets old! We added glitter to the baking soda to give a firework effect. I think you’re supposed to use and eyedropper but we didn’t have one so I used a silicone shampoo container to put the vinegar in instead. C could squirt some out in doses.