My idea was to do a bit of an introduction to farm animals before focussing on chickens, eggs and Easter next week. The plan was to focus on sheep this week but C is really going for it with increasing her vocabulary (and two word sentences) and wanted to know the names and noises of  more of the farm animals in her book so I extended to all farm animals with an emphasis on sheep.

Farm animals (sheep) project craft ideas:

Cotton pad sheep in a field

Use cotton pad to make fuzzy sheep, add legs and a head with crayons and decorate the field with flowers.

sheep cakes

Farm animals (sheep) project Montessori trays for toddlers:

What’s on the shelves?
Farm animals puzzle.
Sheep money box used for posting counters.
Maisy mouse’s tractor Busy bag. Click HERE to go to the activities.
The discovery basket. I started with a sheep discovery basket with a sheep, some wool,some yarn and a picture of a lamb.
When I realised how interested C was in the farm animals (still), I changed the basket to contain farm animals and a bingo card to use for a matching activity. Later I hid the animals in the puffed corn to make it more interesting.
I love the Haba games! This one is still too difficult for C but she loves to put the animals in the bags and take them out and make their noises.
Can you guess the song?

I used items out of the games and activities in the cupboard and some dollies …….