Chicken project craft ideas:

Chicken/ bird from playdough

Kippetje/ vogel van speelklei

Chicken project Montessori trays for toddlers:

What’s on the shelves?
This week’s discovery basket is chicken-themed. I put a toy chicken and chick in, a plastic egg and a wooden fried egg from C’s kitchen. We had an omelette for dinner and I washed out the egg shell and put that in as well.
Egg-shaped decorations in an egg box.

match the colours

one-to-one correspondence- one egg in each section.

I think she understood the one-to-one correspondence, I found one egg in each compartment of the lego box.

Make a chicken craft activity.

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The shape sorter made it into the cupboard this week. Nothing to do with chickens.

I tried repeatedly to model trying the shapes in different holes until they fitted, C would get instantly frustrated and demonstrate to me that you could slide the lid open and put the shapes in- crazy mother making everything so complicated!


This week she took it out of the cupboard while I was tidying the washing. She tried the shapes in the holes and managed to get them all in! I thought she must just have been lucky so I put it in the rotation to see what would happen.

The baa and moo game and the sheep posting game are still on the shelves from last week.

Click here for the descriptions.

Other chicken project ideas:

This was an activity fromĀ  last week with farm animals. (Click here for original post)The bingo card that I was using was a bit annoying because there is a goat on it and we have a donkey but no goat, making the matching tricky.


I remembered that I had farm animal flash cards and so I could use the relevant animal cards. C was very interested when she saw me searching through the cards. I gave her the whole pile. She loved naming the animals and the tractor! The only one that stumped her was the combine harvester!
We had these window stickers already and used the flowers, the bunny and the sheep for introducing and practicing vocabulary. This week I added the eggs and the chicken and chick.

I noticed that the eggs could be used for sorting- size and colours. I’ll remember that for next year!


Easter traditions. This was also an interesting motor skills activity. Holding the ribbon open with two thumbs and then slotting it over the knobbly, twisty branches, took some concentration!
Our Easter table cloth with the vocabulary from the last weeks:

chicken, egg, bunny, flowers

Easter stickers to make cards (or during the Corona crisis- keep her busy whilst I am video conferencing….)

C can’t pull the stickers off by herself so I removed the surroundings from the stickers, leaving only the stickers on the sheet. Now she can find the edges and pulle them off herself. (Can’t believe I didn’t think of that earlier!!)

Plastic eggs in the bath!

A practice run Easter egg hunt!

C donned her Easter bunny ears (click here for how to make them) and helped to put the eggs in a basket for her grandparents (no contact during the Corona-crisis, but we can do something).

The ones that went astray were picked up later.

We also did a practice run hiding the plastic eggs (from the bath) in the house. searching for them and putting them in a basket. On Easter Sunday during the real egg hunt I filled the plastic eggs with hollow chocolate eggs.


A simple bird from playdough.

Head- body- wobbly eyes- feathers for wings and a tail.