Easter Bunny project craft ideas:

Circle bunny

Cirkeltjes konijn

Sun catcher bunny

konijn raamdecoratie

cotton pad bunny

wattenschijf konijn

Bunny cakes

konijntje cupcakes

Finger painting bunny hops

vingerverf konijnen sporen

Playdough bunny

Speelklei konijntje

Handprint Easter Bunny

Handafdruk konijn

Easter Bunny project Montessori trays for toddlers:

Bunny posting game

Discovery basket


rabbit toys

(real) carrot

bunny in a carrot car

Easter memory game

Easter memory game

  1. play memory

2. Use it for picture matching

3. sorting by background colour

4. sorting animal-flower-food

5. association: rabbit-carrot, sheep-flowers, chicken-eggs

Cotton pad bunny

(see craft ideas above)

This neat dip-dip-wipe, was followed by experimenting with gravity and watching the glue drip off the spreader…….

Song: Little Peter Rabbit had a fly upon his nose

The version of the song in the video below uses Makaton signing for the actions.

C liked to ‘sing’ this wearing her bunny ears (see the craft links above for how to make them)

I used these visual images to extend the song to include other body parts.

Easter Bunny project songs and stories:

Educational videos with information about rabbits.

Songs about rabbits

Stories about rabbits/ hares