I love baking and C enjoys helping in the kitchen in the Montessori learning tower that her grandfather built for her.

As we have a bunny theme this week I decided to make cakes in the shape of a bunny. I have never tried this before so they are a bit wonky, We had fun!


We used a recipe for healthy toddler cakes. The decoration and filling will be super unhealthy so then it compensates. haha!

I used a recipe from the worktop.com

but any cake recipe is suitable.

To make the filling you will need:

icing sugar




food colouring (red to make pink and a colour for the eyes)

Mix water with the icing sugar for the icing for the inside of the ears, nose and eyes.

I made the eyes and noses by dripping icing ontop baking parchment and then putting it in the fridge to set.

To make the butter icing you will need:


mix it all together.


Cut the top off the cupcake.

Cut the top of the cupcake in half to make the bunny ears.

Put a dollop of butter icing on the bottom of the cupcake and arrange the ‘ears’ on top.

support the bunny ears until the butter icing has set (otherwise they will fall off)

Decorate the bunny with the water icing. Make the insides of his ears, put on his eyes and nose.