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Bunny cakes

I love baking and C enjoys helping in the kitchen in the Montessori learning tower that her grandfather built for her. As we have a bunny theme this week I decided to make cakes in the shape of a bunny. I have never tried this before so they are a bit wonky, We had...

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Suncatcher bunny- raamdecoratie konijn

You will need: pdf of sun catcher outline cotton wool/ tissue paper plastic bag glue scissors    Benodigdheden: 1 kopie van de suncatcher pdf plastic tassen/ vloeipapier watten lijm schaar      Click for the printable...

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Cotton pad bunny- wattenschijfjes konijn

You will need: 1 sheet of A4 paper to stick everything on to 4 cotton pads cotton wool  ball felt-tip pens glue scissors      Benodigdheden: 1 vel A4 papier als achtergrond 4 wattenschijfjes watten viltstiften lijm schaar      

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3D bunny- 3D konijn

You will need: 1 sheet of A4 paper 1 toilet roll and 1 kitchen roll (or 3 toilet rolls) cotton wool ball paper scraps for the inside of the ears glue scissors tape colouring pencils    Benodigdheden: 1 vel A4 papier 1 wc rol en 1 keukenrol (of 3 wc rollen)...

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(Easter) Bunny project ideas

Easter Bunny project craft ideas:3D KonijnKonijnenoren Cirkeltjes konijnZakdoek konijn verhaalkonijn raamdecoratiewattenschijf konijnkonijntje cupcakesvingerverf konijnen sporenSpeelklei konijntjeHandafdruk konijnEaster Bunny project Montessori trays for...

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