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Farm animals (chickens/Easter) project ideas

Chicken project craft ideas:Kippetje Kippetje/ vogel van speelkleiChicken project Montessori trays for toddlers: What's on the shelves?This week's discovery basket is chicken-themed. I put a toy chicken and chick in, a plastic egg and a wooden fried egg from C's...

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Farm animals (sheep) project ideas

My idea was to do a bit of an introduction to farm animals before focussing on chickens, eggs and Easter next week. The plan was to focus on sheep this week but C is really going for it with increasing her vocabulary (and two word sentences) and wanted to know the...

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lolly stick flowers

This was a combination of two activities. The first was the colouring (or scribbling). Nice for the motor skills, pencil grip, aesthetics  etc. The second was the posting game, fitting the lolly sticks into the slots in the box.   I used the flower shape from the...

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Daffodil flower cookies

Make cookie mixture following your favourite recipe. You could add food colouring to make them more daffodil-like. Cut out star shapes for the daffodil flower petals. Add a blob of cookie mixture for the daffodil trumpet.

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