I love the storybook ‘Big Mum Plum’ by Daniel Postgate.

You can use it for counting, for prepositions of place, for school vocabulary, it’s fantastic and it’s funny!

Here is a link to see the story:


We played hide and seek like the pigs in the book. We also played on-behind-in front of-next to-under. Where the children (piggies) were given instructions by the teacher or another child playing ‘Big Mum Plum’. This way they were actively discovering the meaning of the position words.


In a small group situation the EAL children hid pigs in the dolls house. Sometimes the teacher would say where to hide the pig and sometime the teacher would describe where the children had hidden the pig.

We used pre-cut paper circles and ovals to make pig faces (discussing the shape names and sizes). Some children made the faces independently, meaning they had to look very carefully at the example and others worked in a supervised group.

We then ‘hid’ the pigs in a display and stuck the position words up too.

Big Mum Plum was coloured by the whole class working together.

I used this book at the start of the year for the topic ‘school’ but it works well in springtime too when learning about farm animals. It has become one of my all-time favourites!