My new idea for a story sack was Autumn. I used our wet&dry bag with woodland print and the plan was to fill it like the Maisy Mouse story sack, it didn’t quite work that way. This project exploded beyond the space available in the bag…….


This is what happened…….

My daughter loves to be outside. She gets her wellies to show you that its time to go out and if you don’t take the hint, she’ll bring you your shoes….. Yesterday we went for a walk in the woods. The autumn colours were beautiful and we saw amazing toadstools.

I already had a book in mind ‘In my den’, a finger puppet book about a bear getting ready for hibernation. He gathers things in the woods that he can use to make a soft bed for himself. Whilst we were walking in the woods we gathered up some leaves, twigs, fir cones, conkers and acorns….

When I was putting my daughter to bed last night I saw a bear on her shelf looking lonely. I decided that he would be perfect for the story but he was too big for the sack…..

The explosion takes place

This morning we were in the garage tidying up when I saw a large cardboard box. Then I knew exactly how we could make the ‘exploded’ story sack!


I found a brown blanket that we never use and put that over the box. We used the page in the book where bear makes his bed to see what we needed. My daughter helped to put the woodland things in the box to make a bed for her bear.

Information books

Then we went to the library to see if there were any information books suitable for (very) little ones. I find board books to be the safest. Cerys loves books and is on the whole quite careful with them but she’s not that sturdy on her feet yet and then the books get squashed.

Unfortunately no suitable board books to be had so I looked for books with big photos of the woods in them and …..success!


Using the story

A couple of weeks ago I saw the felt figures and I knew they would be great to use. I love making my own resources but why argue when it’s ready made…

We use the figures for vocabulary: squirrel, hedgehog, toadstool and the colours. We also played a matching/sorting game, matching the same figures, matching the same colours.

When she’s older we can have a go at making repeating patterns

Contents of the (exploded) story sack:

  • In my den by Sara Gillingham and Lorena Siminovich (In Dutch- Bij mij thuis in het hol)
  • Welcome to the woodlands by Ruth Owen (In Dutch- Het bos om de hoek)
  • Teddy bear
  • Cardboard box and blanket to make the den
  • Nature products (pine cones, leaves, acorns etc.) to make bear’s bed
  • Felt autumn shapes (squirrel, hedgehog and toadstool)